Name Affiliation Day Title Abstract Presentation Article link
A. Sakhnovich TU Wien, Austria Wednesday June 10 Weyl theory for Dirac operators and applications to initial-boundary value problems Porto.pdf AMSEMSPMS2015.pdf
Ada Boralevi Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Thursday June 11 Orthogonal instantons and skew-Hamiltonian matrices 1111-14-317.pdf Boralevi.pdf
Adrien Richou Université de Bordeaux Thursday June 11 Numerical Stability of the Euler scheme for BSDEs Porto-ARichou.pdf
Alberto A. Álvarez-López UNED Wednesday June 10 Decision analysis under uncertainty in a model of sports economics 1111-91-618.pdf Presentation.pdf
Alberto Cattaneo University of Zurich Saturday June 13 Perturbative BV-BFV theories on manifolds with boundary 1111-55-404.pdf BV-BFV_talk.pdf
Alberto Fiorenza Università di Napoli Federico II Thursday June 11 On “essentially variable” variable Lebesgue space problems 1111-46-465abstract.pdf FiorenzaTalk.pdf
Ale Jan Homburg University of Amsterdam Saturday June 13 Codimension one homoclinic cycles Homburg-Porto.pdf
Ales Nekvinda Department of Mathematics, Czech Technical University in Prague Thursday June 11 Maximal operator on variable exponent spaces Talk_Nekvinda_Porto2015-1.pdf
Alessandra Bernardi Univeristy of Bologna (Italy) Saturday June 13 On the cactus variety of cubic forms Porto.pdf
Alexander Lohse University of Porto Saturday June 13 Existence and stability of heteroclinic networks in $\mathbb{R}^4$ abstract_1111-34-517.pdf Lohse.pdf