Name Affiliation Day Title Abstract Presentation Article link
Elena Angelini Università di Ferrara (Italia) - Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica Thursday June 11 Torelli type results for logarithmic bundles of arrangements in $\mathbb{P}^{n}$ Elena_Angelini_Abstract_Special_Session_53.pdf Elena_Angelini_Slides_Special_Session_53.pdf
Emanuele Rodaro CMUP, University of Porto Saturday June 13 Decidability vs Undecidability of the word problem in HNN-extensions of inverse semigroups Undecidability_vs_Decidability_HNN.pdf
Emilia Mezzetti University of Trieste Wednesday June 10 Linear spaces of matrices of constant rank and vector bundles abstract.pdf Mezzetti.pdf
Enric Ventura UPC Thursday June 11 Membership in the BNS invariant abstract-EV1.pdf Porto-11-06-15.pdf
Enric Ventura UPC Saturday June 13 Automaton groups with unsolvable conjugacy problem abstract-EV2.pdf Porto-13-6-15.pdf
Eva-Maria Graefe Imperial College London Thursday June 11 The semiclassical limit of complexified quantum dynamics Porto2015.pdf
Filipa Soares CEMAT/Ciências & ISEL/IPL Friday June 12 The Howson property for semidirect products of semilattices by groups AMS_Porto2015_Abstract.pdf FSoares_Howson_Porto2015.pdf
Francesco Di Plinio Brown University Thursday June 11 Banach-valued multilinear singular integrals DiPlinio.pdf
Francesco Fanelli Scuola Normale Superiore Wednesday June 10 A singular limit problem for viscous compresible fluids in presence of capillarity Fanelli_Porto.pdf
Frank-Olme Speck Universidade de Lisboa Friday June 12 Convolution type operators with symmetry AbstractIM15Speck.pdf TalkIM15Speck.pdf