Other Services


Should you be travelling with children you may use the following service while in Porto:

Casa Encantada® is an establishment that seeks to respond to the needs of families by taking care of their children, 24/7, 365 days a year with Babysitting and Kidsitting services, in our own facilities or at the families' homes. It also provides a Children's Transportation service. 

Our primary aim is to offer personalized services and experiences that are both nurturing and didactic for all children. At Casa Encantada®, Portuguese for Magical House, we create a welcoming and warm, homey environment for all the children, encouraging creativity through the exploration of several forms of artistic expression and giving priority to Playing, Fun and Affection.

Email: acasaeencantada@gmail.com 
Tel: 92 920 14 37 / 93 655 68 17