Name Affiliation Day Title Abstract Presentation Article link
P Zhevandrov Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo Friday June 12 Water waves trapped by thin horizontal cylinders in one- and two-layer fluid Zhevandrov.pdf Porto2015.pdf
Paolo Aschieri Universita' Piemonte Orientale Saturday June 13 Noncommutative Chern-Simons gauge and gravity theories and their geometric Seiberg-Witten map Porto.pdf
Pascal Weil CNRS, Université de Bordeaux Thursday June 11 Generic properties of random subgroups of free groups and random group presentations abstract.pdf Porto.pdf
Paulo Varandas Federal University of Bahia Thursday June 11 Specification and thermodynamical properties of semigroup actions slides-AMS-EMS-SPM.pdf
Pavel Stovicek Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Science Wednesday June 10 A family of explicitly diagonalizable weighted Hankel matrices generalizing the Hilbert matrix stovicek-porto15_abstract.pdf stovicek-porto15plus.pdf
Pedro Duarte CMAFIO/FCUL Thursday June 11 Large deviation estimates for Markovian cocycles LargeDeviations.pdf
Pedro Macias Marques Universidade de Évora Friday June 12 Symmetric decomposition of the associated graded algebra of a Gorenstein Artinian algebra 20150611abstract.pdf 20150612AMSEMSSPMPortoAGApresentcorrigida.pdf
Pedro Macias Marques Universidade de Évora Saturday June 13 Monads over projective varieties 20150610abstract.pdf 20150613AMSEMSSPMPortoMonadspresent.pdf
Peter Hästö University of Oulu Wednesday June 10 The maximal operator in generalized Orlicz spaces Talk_Hasto_Porto2015-1.pdf
Peter McNamara Bucknell University Thursday June 11 Comparing skew Schur functions: a quasisymmetric perspective slides.pdf