Name Affiliation Day Title Abstract Presentation Article link
Petteri Harjulehto University of Turku Wednesday June 10 The Riesz potential in generalized Orlicz spaces Talk_Harjulehto_Porto2015-1.pdf
Rafael H. Villarreal CINVESTAV-IPN Wednesday June 10 Projective Segre Codes porto-ams-spm.pdf
Raul E. Curto University of Iowa Wednesday June 10 Abrahamse's Theorem for matrix-valued symbols and subnormal Toeplitz completions Curto_AMS_Porto_2015_abstract.pdf Final_Curto_AMS_Porto_2015_Lecture.pdf
Raül Vera UPV/EHU Friday June 12 Revisiting Hartle’s model using perturbed matching theory to second order: amending the change in mass 1111-83-594.pdf porto_2015_1.pdf
Renato Alvarez-Nodarse Universidad de Sevilla Wednesday June 10 Generating recurrence and ladder-type relations for Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions with applications transp-porto2015.pdf
Ricardo Couso-Santamaria Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon Wednesday June 10 The theory of resurgence in matrix models and topological strings AMS_EMS_SMP_2015_Ricardo_Couso-Santamaria.pdf
Roger Nakad Notre Dame University-Louaizé, Lebanon Saturday June 13 Generalized Killing Spinors on Riemannian Spin$^c$ Manifolds Talk-Porto-June-2015.pdf Porto_June_2015.pdf
Rui Santos School of Technology and Management, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria and CEAUL Thursday June 11 Continuous probabilities, random points, Bernoulli's theorems, and geometric probability applications RSantos_Porto.pdf RSantos_11_june_Porto.pdf
Sean D Lawton George Mason University Wednesday June 10 Homotopy groups of character varieties 1111-14-65.pdf Porto2015.pdf
Sergei Alexandrov CNRS, Montpellier University Wednesday June 10 Symmetries of string compactifications and generalization of Freed-Witten anomaly abstract.pdf Alexandrov-Porto-2015.pdf