Name Affiliation Day Titlesort descending Abstract Presentation Article link
Alberto Cattaneo University of Zurich Saturday June 13 Perturbative BV-BFV theories on manifolds with boundary 1111-55-404.pdf BV-BFV_talk.pdf
J-R. Chazottes CNRS & Ecole polytechnique, France Friday June 12 Poisson approximation for the number of visits to balls in non-uniformly hyperbolic dynamical systems Poisson.pdf
Cesar Lecoutre University of Kent Saturday June 13 Poisson deleting derivations algortihm: Poisson birational equivalence and Poisson spectrum Slides_Porto_Lecoutre.pdf
Rafael H. Villarreal CINVESTAV-IPN Wednesday June 10 Projective Segre Codes porto-ams-spm.pdf
Lecouvey LMPT TOURS Thursday June 11 Quantisation of Littlewood-Richardson coefficients beyond type A Porto2015.pdf Porto2015.pdf
Ana Peon-Nieto Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg Thursday June 11 Quasi-split real groups and the Hitchin map abstract.pdf 201506Porto.pdf
Maria Vaz Pinto Instituto Superior Técnico Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal Saturday June 13 Regularity of vanishing ideals associated to certain families of graphs 201506Porto.pdf
Beig Gravitational Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna Friday June 12 Relativistic Celestial Mechanics of Elastic Bodies abstract.pdf slide-porto1.pdf
Raül Vera UPV/EHU Friday June 12 Revisiting Hartle’s model using perturbed matching theory to second order: amending the change in mass 1111-83-594.pdf porto_2015_1.pdf
Benedetta Pellacci Università Napoli Parthenope Wednesday June 10 Saturable Schr|\"odinger equations and systems:Existence and related topics Abstract.pdf Pellacci_Porto_2015.pdf