Name Affiliation Day Titlesort ascending Abstract Presentation Article link
Itamar Stein Bar-Ilan University Wednesday June 10 The ordinary quiver of the algebra of the monoid of all partial functions on a set. abstract1111-20-134.pdf QuiverOfPT_n.pdf
Mats Boij KTH Royal Institute of Technology Thursday June 11 The non-Lefschetz locus of artinian complete intersections AMS-EMS-SPM_Porto_2015_Boij.pdf
Peter Hästö University of Oulu Wednesday June 10 The maximal operator in generalized Orlicz spaces Talk_Hasto_Porto2015-1.pdf
Filipa Soares CEMAT/Ciências & ISEL/IPL Friday June 12 The Howson property for semidirect products of semilattices by groups AMS_Porto2015_Abstract.pdf FSoares_Howson_Porto2015.pdf
Louis-Hadrien Robert Universität Hamburg Thursday June 11 The colored $\mathfrak{sl}_3$-homology beamerporto.pdf
Nathan Pflueger Brown University Friday June 12 Tableux in Brill-Noether Theory tableaux_short.pdf
Sergei Alexandrov CNRS, Montpellier University Wednesday June 10 Symmetries of string compactifications and generalization of Freed-Witten anomaly abstract.pdf Alexandrov-Porto-2015.pdf
Christoph Schweigert Bereich AZ, FB Mathematik, Universitaet Hamburg Thursday June 11 Symmetries and defects in three-dimensional topological field theory. 1111-81-40.pdf 2015.porto2_.pdf
Pedro Macias Marques Universidade de Évora Friday June 12 Symmetric decomposition of the associated graded algebra of a Gorenstein Artinian algebra 20150611abstract.pdf 20150612AMSEMSSPMPortoAGApresentcorrigida.pdf
Katrin Wendland Freiburg University Friday June 12 Supersymmetry decomposes the virtual bundle that underlies the elliptic genus WendlandK_Porto.pdf Porto2015_Wendland.pdf