Namesort descending Affiliation Day Title Abstract Presentation Article link
Beig Gravitational Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna Friday June 12 Relativistic Celestial Mechanics of Elastic Bodies abstract.pdf slide-porto1.pdf
Benedetta Pellacci Università Napoli Parthenope Wednesday June 10 Saturable Schr|\"odinger equations and systems:Existence and related topics Abstract.pdf Pellacci_Porto_2015.pdf
Bogdan Ichim Simion Stoilow Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy Thursday June 11 How to compute the Stanley depth of a module Porto_2015.pdf
Boris Vernikov Ural Federal University Saturday June 13 Special elements of lattices of semigroup varieties Vernikov-abstract.pdf Vernikov-slides.pdf
Brian C. Hall University of Notre Dame Friday June 12 Magnetic complex structures PortoAbstract.pdf PortoMagnetic2015.pdf
Bruno Dinis CMAF, Cima-UE, Universidade de Lisboa Wednesday June 10 Nonstandard Intuitionistic Interpretations Abstract_AMS_Porto_2015.pdf Dinis.pdf
Carlos A. Braumann Departamento de Matemática, Escola de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade de Évora Thursday June 11 Can populations live forever? Braumann_Abstract.pdf Braumann-AMS-EMS-SPM-2015.pdf
Cesar Lecoutre University of Kent Saturday June 13 Poisson deleting derivations algortihm: Poisson birational equivalence and Poisson spectrum Slides_Porto_Lecoutre.pdf
Christoph Schweigert Bereich AZ, FB Mathematik, Universitaet Hamburg Friday June 12 Invariants for mapping class group actions from ribbon Hopf algebra automorphisms. 1111-17-39.pdf 2015.porto1_.pdf
Christoph Schweigert Bereich AZ, FB Mathematik, Universitaet Hamburg Thursday June 11 Symmetries and defects in three-dimensional topological field theory. 1111-81-40.pdf 2015.porto2_.pdf