Name Affiliation Daysort descending Title Abstract Presentation Article link
Jose M. Garcia Calcines Universidad de La Laguna Friday June 12 On some approaches of topological complexity abstract.pdf charla15.pdf
Beig Gravitational Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna Friday June 12 Relativistic Celestial Mechanics of Elastic Bodies abstract.pdf slide-porto1.pdf
Shabnam Beheshti Queen Mary University of London and Rutgers University Friday June 12 Harmonic Maps, the Xanthopoulos Conjecture and Analysis of Singularities in General Relativity 1111-83-476.pdf AMS_EMS_SPM_SS38-BEHESHTI-slides.pdf
Ingo Runkel Hamburg University Friday June 12 Defects, orbifolds and spin Runkel-Porto.pdf
Marco Morandotti SISSA, Trieste, Italy Friday June 12 Dynamics for a system of screw dislocations morandotti-AMS-EMS-SPM-Porto-2015_06_12.pdf
Nathan Pflueger Brown University Friday June 12 Tableux in Brill-Noether Theory tableaux_short.pdf
Dimos Goundaroulis National Technical University of Athens Friday June 12 On the link invariants associated to the framization of knot algebras Talk_Porto_2015.pdf
Victoria Gould University of York Friday June 12 Free idempotent generated semigroups and the endomorphism monoid of a free $G$-act porto2015gouldabstract.pdf porto20158unpausedgould.pdf
Nataliya Goncharuk Higher School of Economics, Independent University of Moscow Friday June 12 Genera of non-algebraic leaves of polynomial foliations of $\mathbb C^2$ abstractPorto.pdf slidesJune2015-YK.pdf
Raül Vera UPV/EHU Friday June 12 Revisiting Hartle’s model using perturbed matching theory to second order: amending the change in mass 1111-83-594.pdf porto_2015_1.pdf