Namesort descending Affiliation Day Title Abstract Presentation Article link
Ingo Runkel Hamburg University Friday June 12 Defects, orbifolds and spin Runkel-Porto.pdf
Issam Louhichi American University of Sharjah, UAE. Saturday June 13 Commutants of Toeplitz operators AMS-EMS-SPM.pdf Porto_Talk.pdf
Itamar Stein Bar-Ilan University Wednesday June 10 The ordinary quiver of the algebra of the monoid of all partial functions on a set. abstract1111-20-134.pdf QuiverOfPT_n.pdf
J-R. Chazottes CNRS & Ecole polytechnique, France Friday June 12 Poisson approximation for the number of visits to balls in non-uniformly hyperbolic dynamical systems Poisson.pdf
Jasmin Raissy Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse Thursday June 11 Wandering Fatou Components in Dimension Two Wandering_Porto.pdf
Joachim Peinke Uni Oldenburg Saturday June 13 Stochastic models for real-world processes. ams_2015_Peinke_short.pdf
João Caramalho Domingues Universidade do Minho Wednesday June 10 Cunha's calculus in its times CunhaCalculusTimes_abstract.pdf CunhaCalculusTimes.pdf
John Rhodes University of California at Berkeley Wednesday June 10 A survey of finite join irreducible semigroups 1111-20-213.pdf Rhodes_slides.pdf
José M M Senovilla University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU Saturday June 13 Umbilical properties of co-dimension two submanifolds Abstract.pdf Porto15.pdf
Jose M. Garcia Calcines Universidad de La Laguna Friday June 12 On some approaches of topological complexity abstract.pdf charla15.pdf