Name Affiliation Day Titlesort descending Abstract Presentation Article link
Ricardo Couso-Santamaria Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon Wednesday June 10 The theory of resurgence in matrix models and topological strings AMS_EMS_SMP_2015_Ricardo_Couso-Santamaria.pdf
Daniel Tubbenhauer Université catholique de Louvain Thursday June 11 $\textbf{U}_q(\mathfrak{gl}_n)$ diagram categories via super $q$-Howe duality Abstract-Porto.pdf Talk-Porto.pdf
Luke Wolcott Lawrence University Saturday June 13 A classification of math-art work portoabstract-1111-00-781.pdf PortoConf-math-art.pdf
Pavel Stovicek Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Science Wednesday June 10 A family of explicitly diagonalizable weighted Hankel matrices generalizing the Hilbert matrix stovicek-porto15_abstract.pdf stovicek-porto15plus.pdf
Sergio Henrique Monari Soares Universidade de São Paulo Friday June 12 A sign-changing solution for an asymptotically linear Schrödinger equation Porto_2015.pdf
Michael Helmers University of Bonn Thursday June 11 A simple model for coarsening in infinite particle systems abstract.pdf slides.pdf
Francesco Fanelli Scuola Normale Superiore Wednesday June 10 A singular limit problem for viscous compresible fluids in presence of capillarity Fanelli_Porto.pdf
John Rhodes University of California at Berkeley Wednesday June 10 A survey of finite join irreducible semigroups 1111-20-213.pdf Rhodes_slides.pdf
Raul E. Curto University of Iowa Wednesday June 10 Abrahamse's Theorem for matrix-valued symbols and subnormal Toeplitz completions Curto_AMS_Porto_2015_abstract.pdf Final_Curto_AMS_Porto_2015_Lecture.pdf
Couceiro LORIA (CNRS - Inria Nancy Grand Est - Universite de Lorraine) Friday June 12 An Arrow-like theorem for aggregation procedures over median algebras Talk-MCouceiro.pdf