Name Affiliation Daysort descending Title Abstract Presentation Article link
Sergio Henrique Monari Soares Universidade de São Paulo Friday June 12 A sign-changing solution for an asymptotically linear Schrödinger equation Porto_2015.pdf
Frank-Olme Speck Universidade de Lisboa Friday June 12 Convolution type operators with symmetry AbstractIM15Speck.pdf TalkIM15Speck.pdf
Brian C. Hall University of Notre Dame Friday June 12 Magnetic complex structures PortoAbstract.pdf PortoMagnetic2015.pdf
Christoph Schweigert Bereich AZ, FB Mathematik, Universitaet Hamburg Friday June 12 Invariants for mapping class group actions from ribbon Hopf algebra automorphisms. 1111-17-39.pdf 2015.porto1_.pdf
J-R. Chazottes CNRS & Ecole polytechnique, France Friday June 12 Poisson approximation for the number of visits to balls in non-uniformly hyperbolic dynamical systems Poisson.pdf
Couceiro LORIA (CNRS - Inria Nancy Grand Est - Universite de Lorraine) Friday June 12 An Arrow-like theorem for aggregation procedures over median algebras Talk-MCouceiro.pdf
Katrin Wendland Freiburg University Friday June 12 Supersymmetry decomposes the virtual bundle that underlies the elliptic genus WendlandK_Porto.pdf Porto2015_Wendland.pdf
Christopher Goodrich Creighton Preparatory School Friday June 12 Monotonicity and Convexity for Discrete Fractional Difference Operators Abstract_-_6.27.15.pdf AMSEMSSPM_Conference_Presentation_-_6.7.15.pdf
Tim Van der Linden Université catholique de Louvain Friday June 12 When is a double central extension universal? 1111-18-219.pdf tvdlinde-talk.pdf
Wielonsky Université Aix-Marseille Friday June 12 Lax pairs and Riemann-Hilbert problems for conjugate conductivity equations abstract.pdf Porto.pdf