Name Affiliation Daysort descending Title Abstract Presentation Article link
Bruno Dinis CMAF, Cima-UE, Universidade de Lisboa Wednesday June 10 Nonstandard Intuitionistic Interpretations Abstract_AMS_Porto_2015.pdf Dinis.pdf
Rafael H. Villarreal CINVESTAV-IPN Wednesday June 10 Projective Segre Codes porto-ams-spm.pdf
Ricardo Couso-Santamaria Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon Wednesday June 10 The theory of resurgence in matrix models and topological strings AMS_EMS_SMP_2015_Ricardo_Couso-Santamaria.pdf
Francesco Fanelli Scuola Normale Superiore Wednesday June 10 A singular limit problem for viscous compresible fluids in presence of capillarity Fanelli_Porto.pdf
Sean D Lawton George Mason University Wednesday June 10 Homotopy groups of character varieties 1111-14-65.pdf Porto2015.pdf
Sergei Alexandrov CNRS, Montpellier University Wednesday June 10 Symmetries of string compactifications and generalization of Freed-Witten anomaly abstract.pdf Alexandrov-Porto-2015.pdf
A. Sakhnovich TU Wien, Austria Wednesday June 10 Weyl theory for Dirac operators and applications to initial-boundary value problems Porto.pdf AMSEMSPMS2015.pdf
Pavel Stovicek Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Science Wednesday June 10 A family of explicitly diagonalizable weighted Hankel matrices generalizing the Hilbert matrix stovicek-porto15_abstract.pdf stovicek-porto15plus.pdf
Julien Bichon Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand II Wednesday June 10 Cohomological dimensions of Hopf algebras Bichon-Porto.pdf
Emilia Mezzetti University of Trieste Wednesday June 10 Linear spaces of matrices of constant rank and vector bundles abstract.pdf Mezzetti.pdf