Name Affiliation Daysort descending Title Abstract Presentation Article link
Raul E. Curto University of Iowa Wednesday June 10 Abrahamse's Theorem for matrix-valued symbols and subnormal Toeplitz completions Curto_AMS_Porto_2015_abstract.pdf Final_Curto_AMS_Porto_2015_Lecture.pdf
João Caramalho Domingues Universidade do Minho Wednesday June 10 Cunha's calculus in its times CunhaCalculusTimes_abstract.pdf CunhaCalculusTimes.pdf
Lina Oliveira Instituto Superior Técnico Wednesday June 10 On the geometry of the unit ball in a JB$^*$-triple linaoliveira-AMS-EMS-SPM2015-abs.pdf linaoliveira_AMS-EMS-SPM2015-2.pdf
John Rhodes University of California at Berkeley Wednesday June 10 A survey of finite join irreducible semigroups 1111-20-213.pdf Rhodes_slides.pdf
Itamar Stein Bar-Ilan University Wednesday June 10 The ordinary quiver of the algebra of the monoid of all partial functions on a set. abstract1111-20-134.pdf QuiverOfPT_n.pdf
Benedetta Pellacci Università Napoli Parthenope Wednesday June 10 Saturable Schr|\"odinger equations and systems:Existence and related topics Abstract.pdf Pellacci_Porto_2015.pdf
Renato Alvarez-Nodarse Universidad de Sevilla Wednesday June 10 Generating recurrence and ladder-type relations for Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions with applications transp-porto2015.pdf
Antonio De Nicola University of Coimbra Wednesday June 10 Hard Lefschetz Theorem for Sasakian manifolds denicola-abs-Porto2015.pdf Talk-HLT-Sasakian-Porto2015-print.pdf
Lander Cnudde Ghent University Wednesday June 10 Slice Fourier transform: definition, properties and corresponding convolutions 1111-30-132.pdf Conferentie_Porto.pdf
Helder Pinto CIDMA - University of Aveiro Wednesday June 10 The reasons behind the request of the mathematician Gomes Teixeira to be transferred to the Polytechnic Academy of Porto abstract_hpinto.pdf helder_pinto_ams_ems_meeting_final.pdf