Name Affiliation Day Titlesort descending Abstract Presentation Article link
Paolo Aschieri Universita' Piemonte Orientale Saturday June 13 Noncommutative Chern-Simons gauge and gravity theories and their geometric Seiberg-Witten map Porto.pdf
Bruno Dinis CMAF, Cima-UE, Universidade de Lisboa Wednesday June 10 Nonstandard Intuitionistic Interpretations Abstract_AMS_Porto_2015.pdf Dinis.pdf
Winfried Bruns Universotät Osnabrück Thursday June 11 Normaliz: a tutorial Porto_WB.pdf NormalizPorto.pdf
Lars Diening Osnabruck, Germany Friday June 12 Numerical analysis for variable exponent problems Talk_Diening_Porto2015-1.pdf
Adrien Richou Université de Bordeaux Thursday June 11 Numerical Stability of the Euler scheme for BSDEs Porto-ARichou.pdf
Urs Schreiber Prague Thursday June 11 Obstruction theory for parameterized higher WZW-terms 1111-53-686.pdf talkPorto_6.pdf
Milena Pabiniak IST Lisbon Thursday June 11 On displaceability of pre-Lagrangians in toric contact manifolds contact_displaceability_Porto.pdf
Lurdes Sousa IPV / CMUC Saturday June 13 On injectivity of locales and spaces Abstract.pdf Slides_AMS2015.pdf
Sian Fryer University of Leeds Saturday June 13 On prime ideals in quantum matrices and Poisson-primes in the semi-classical limit 1111-16-364.pdf porto.pdf
Jose M. Garcia Calcines Universidad de La Laguna Friday June 12 On some approaches of topological complexity abstract.pdf charla15.pdf