Name Affiliation Daysort descending Title Abstract Presentation Article link
Pedro Macias Marques Universidade de Évora Friday June 12 Symmetric decomposition of the associated graded algebra of a Gorenstein Artinian algebra 20150611abstract.pdf 20150612AMSEMSSPMPortoAGApresentcorrigida.pdf
Filipa Soares CEMAT/Ciências & ISEL/IPL Friday June 12 The Howson property for semidirect products of semilattices by groups AMS_Porto2015_Abstract.pdf FSoares_Howson_Porto2015.pdf
Arkady Berenstein University of Oregon Friday June 12 Integrable clusters integrable.clusters.slides.pdf
Martin Raussen Aalborg University Friday June 12 Combinatorial and topological models for spaces of schedules portoabs.pdf portonew.pdf
Stefano Cremonesi King's College London Friday June 12 Coulomb branch of 3d N=4 theories and the moduli space of instantons talk_Porto_v2.pdf
Xabier García-Martínez University of Santiago de Compostela Friday June 12 Universal central extensions of Lie-Rinehart algebras Universal_Central_Extensions_of_Lie-Rinehart_Algebras.pdf
Hartmut Weiss CAU Kiel Friday June 12 Ends of moduli spaces of Higgs bundles 1111-53-228.pdf talk_porto_handout.pdf
Christos Sourdis University of Turin Friday June 12 Analysis of an irregular boundary layer behavior for the steady state flow of a Boussinesq fluid Sourdis_PORTO.pdf
Walter Van Assche KU Leuven Friday June 12 Unicity of certain solutions of discrete Painlevé II Porto-wva.pdf
P Zhevandrov Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo Friday June 12 Water waves trapped by thin horizontal cylinders in one- and two-layer fluid Zhevandrov.pdf Porto2015.pdf