Name Affiliation Day Titlesort descending Abstract Presentation Article link
Wielonsky Université Aix-Marseille Friday June 12 Lax pairs and Riemann-Hilbert problems for conjugate conductivity equations abstract.pdf Porto.pdf
Emilia Mezzetti University of Trieste Wednesday June 10 Linear spaces of matrices of constant rank and vector bundles abstract.pdf Mezzetti.pdf
Brian C. Hall University of Notre Dame Friday June 12 Magnetic complex structures PortoAbstract.pdf PortoMagnetic2015.pdf
Ales Nekvinda Department of Mathematics, Czech Technical University in Prague Thursday June 11 Maximal operator on variable exponent spaces Talk_Nekvinda_Porto2015-1.pdf
Alexei Karlovich Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal Wednesday June 10 Maximally modulated Hilbert transform and its applications to pseudodifferential operators on variable Lebesgue spaces Talk_Karlovich_Porto2015-1.pdf
Enric Ventura UPC Thursday June 11 Membership in the BNS invariant abstract-EV1.pdf Porto-11-06-15.pdf
Osvaldo Mendez University of Texas-El Paso Friday June 12 Modular eigenvalues of the variable exponent p-Laplacian Talk_Mendez_Porto2015.pdf
Pedro Macias Marques Universidade de Évora Saturday June 13 Monads over projective varieties 20150610abstract.pdf 20150613AMSEMSSPMPortoMonadspresent.pdf
Christopher Goodrich Creighton Preparatory School Friday June 12 Monotonicity and Convexity for Discrete Fractional Difference Operators Abstract_-_6.27.15.pdf AMSEMSSPM_Conference_Presentation_-_6.7.15.pdf
Alexander Schenkel Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Saturday June 13 Nonassociative geometry in quasi-Hopf representation categories porto15.pdf